Why is very day important for the transfer of power to the US president?



U.S. President Trump has recently been battling a lawsuit over the general election while preparing to begin the transfer of power with the "quasi-elected" successor President Biden. Why is "handover every day" important?

The orderly transfer of power after the presidential election is a law that the United States has enforced for more than half a century . Congress hopes to ensure that citizens always have an effectively functioning government. The relevant laws enacted in 1963 stated: " Any interruption caused by the transfer of government business may have consequences that are detrimental to the safety and well-being of the United States and its citizens. "

Who has the final say during the transition period?

Trump was regarded as a " lame duck " after a bad election . He will be in power next year, 1 Yue 20 days before you can continue to live in the White House, continue to take the presidential plane " Air Force One and orders " . However, politically, his power is restricted to a certain extent according to the law.

Why does it take 2 months for the transfer of power?

The United States usually begins the two-month handover preparation immediately after the election of a new president. Every day of the transition period is very important, because although the power of the American president is lower than that of the ancient emperors, it is still incomparable. He must take up heavy responsibilities from the first day, especially on national security issues. As the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, the President of the United States is responsible to 1.3 million soldiers, and he also has the code to approve the use of nuclear weapons in emergency situations. The president and government of the United States are also responsible for a budget of nearly 5 trillion U.S. dollars.

What important work does the prospective President Biden need to do now?

The president-elect will receive a government manual with more than 1,000 pages and a 200- page "U.S. Government Policy and Auxiliary Positions" manual, which lists about 9,000 positions that need to be reappointed by the president. In the classic Chinese language, it is the emperor and the courtier.

During the transition period, the president-elect must not only appoint the cabinet, but also appoint thousands of positions in the White House and various government departments. Due to the separation of powers under the democratic system, there are about 1,200 positions that require the approval of the Senate, otherwise the president will not be able to appoint officials in these important departments.

Prospective President Bidens transition team can now use the US$ 6 million national fiscal appropriation approved by President Trump the day before yesterday by the Federal Office of General Services under the law . In addition, its team members can formally communicate with government officials. Similar to the prospective president approved by President Trump yesterday, they can read various top-secret briefings from the United States from the Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency, instead of being rejected as before. Go through unofficial channels, and the Biden team can now use the government-named international domain name of .gov from now on .

Deadline for electors to vote

After counting all the states has been verified, the election results will be 12 Yue 8 sent to Washington a few days ago. 538 electors will be 12 Yue 14 voting day. In the best case, this is just a form, a reflection of the voting results of the states. Voting results will be 1 Yue 6 announced at the joint meeting of both houses of Congress on. Who will be the next President and Vice President of the United States will also make an official announcement at this time.

The fairness and complexity of the electoral system

One important reason is that the United States electoral system is complex. In order to maximize the justice authorized by the law, the states first elect the electors, and then the electors elect the president. Most of the dates and deadlines of US elections are based on laws that have been in force for more than 100 years. Although it can be organized faster now, no one wants to touch the existing laws.

Standard time for the new president to drive power

US presidential inauguration ceremony will be local time 2021 Nian 1 Yue 20 noon 12 held before the Washington State Capitol point, the day will be the new president to the White House.

Standard time for handover check button


There is always a soldier next to the president of the United States carrying a suitcase with a nuclear button

The new president immediately grasped the nuclear code after he took office. There is always a soldier beside the president carrying a nuclear button suitcase commonly known as " nuclear football " in case of emergency. There is no red button in the box, but a password and other documents. The president can issue an order to use nuclear weapons in an emergency. Now some heads of state with nuclear weapons, such as the Russian president, the top leader of North Korea, etc., in order to defend their country, basically use the method of the US president to master the nuclear button of nuclear weapons, and nuclear football does not leave.