Will Trump have the ability to reverse the election dilemma at the last moment?



As we all know, the U.S. election was held a month ago. In the early morning of the next day, Trump delivered a brief victory speech, but he did not reach 270 electoral votes. As some swing states continued to vote in the next three days, most mainstream media unanimously announced that Biden surpassed With 270 electoral votes, Biden immediately declared himself elected as the new president of the United States. Canada and some Western countries immediately congratulated Biden on his election. Later, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the top leaders of China congratulated Biden on his election as the new president of the United States, but as a major country The President of Russia, the President of Mexicoí»s next-door neighbor to the United States, and the Supreme Leader of North Koreaí»s Northeast Asia and the United Statesí» hostile country have yet to represent their people in congratulating Biden on his election. Their basic reason is that the US official announcement shall prevail. The media The declaration has no legal effect.

Why is Trump so bullish that he has not admitted his defeat so far? Then letí»s take a look at President Trumpí»s recent public statement that this is his most important 47-minute speech. What is the main content? (Excerpt) Due to sensitivity, there is a section related to China (omitted)

On December 2, Trump delivered a speech at the White House. As soon as he came up, he said frankly, í░This may be the most important speech I have ever given.í▒ This is also Trumpí»s latest view on the election. All the rhetoric of the left media is blowing away like the wind.

After reading the full text of Trump's speech and combining with the current developments in various aspects of the United States, it can be said that the direction of the US election is gradually becoming clearer.

Trump said: "As a president, there is no higher responsibility than defending the laws and constitution of the United States. This is why I am determined to protect our electoral system that is under attack and distress."

In his speech, Trump cited many fraudulent conduct in elections, because he determined that "this is an election that has been manipulated", "I am not incapable of accepting the failure of the election, if the election process is fair and fair. But I Caní»t accept the election results stolen from the people. Thatí»s why we continue now. We have no other choice.í▒

Many people have not noticed that this is the first time Trump has officially announced to the world since the end of the general election on November 3 that this election is an unconstitutional í░fraud electioní▒. The formal characterization.

Trump also pointed out that the legal team and the American people are using legal channels to fight for the importance of fairness in the election: "We must continue to follow the constitutional process, and we will confirm that every legitimate vote can be counted to maintain the integrity of the election. Not counting any illegal votes. This is not only to respect the 74 million Americans who voted for me, but also to ensure that Americans can have confidence in this election and in future elections." "This is us." An absolute minimum requirement that must be accepted. It is not only related to my election campaign, of course, this will determine who your next president will be, and more importantly, let us regain confidence in our method of presidential elections. This is about our democratic system. Regarding our sacred right to vote, for this sacred right, generations of warriors shed blood and sacrifice for this."

At present, it is basically certain that the majority of the Trump teamí»s legal battles at the state level have not won. The lawsuit has now been brought to the Federal Supreme Court, and it is working hard to recover justice through the judicial system. That is, still striving for success within the scope of the law.

Then there is a question. If the lawsuit reaches the Supreme Court and the justices make a verdict against Trump, what should they do?

Looking at Trump's words, a legal election "is the minimum requirement that we absolutely must accept", "for this sacred voting right, generations of our warriors shed blood and sacrifice for this."

Listening to the sound, the implication may be to tear the face and solve the problem through means other than the law, that is, to declare a national emergency, establish a military court, and organize the restart of the general election through military force. Or simply close the net for treason, kill it all at once, cut the roots and uproot them.

The legal basis for this is the Presidential Executive Order issued by President Trump on September 12, 2018. The full name is "Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event" (Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event). of Foreign Interference in a United States Election). The executive order is based on the U.S. Constitution and U.S. laws, including the International Emergency Economic Power Act (50 USC 1701, etc.), the National Emergency Act (50 USC 1601, etc.), and the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 (8 USC 1182(f)) Section 212(f) and Section 301 of Chapter 3 of the USC. In the executive order, if foreign forces interfere in the US election, Trump can declare a state of emergency in response to this threat. According to the executive order, the so-called "interference in elections" refers to interference with election infrastructure, as well as propaganda and dissemination of false information. Next, there will only be three possibilities:

Generals McKinney and Linwood have now called on Trump to impose martial law, and the American conservative organization "Our People's Congress" has also advertised in the "Washington Times" calling on Trump if lawmakers, courts and Congress do not comply. The Constitution declares limited martial law to hold a new US presidential election and protect the people's right to vote.

As early as November 27, Trump tweeted: Unless the ridiculous 80 million votes are proved legal, Biden would never want to enter the White House. And Trump has long stated that he only accepts fair election results. In other words, Trump is unlikely to allow the Democratic left to misbehave under the arbitrary manipulation of elections, let alone allow foreign countries to manipulate US elections.

At present, Trumpí»s latest important speech is still in the process of fermentation, and it will not be too long. Because 20210120, the old and new presidents of the United States officially handed over. Looking at the nine justices of the Supreme Court of the United Statesí» political system of separation of powers and the United States Congress facing the future in the United States 4 How to finalize the national future choice and authorize the Election Commission to formally announce who is elected President of the United States.

As for whether President Trump will accept the limited martial law for the sake of the future of the United States when his situation continues to deteriorate, the author believes that President Trump has maintained the rights of the United States Constitution during the limited term of office. Doing so, but it is difficult, because once the limited martial law is announced, it will lead to the bloody suppression of the opposition by the military and police. This is not in line with President Trump's intention. This will also take huge risks. If it succeeds, it will become the United States. In history, the great man who stood shoulder to shoulder with Lincoln, who failed, was the lone husband and the thief. Time is not long, just a month, and every day now is very important to the entire United States. The great President Lincoln in American history turned the wheels of the United States over and made the United States function normally for 160 years under the democratic system of the separation of powers. Whether Trump can reproduce Lincoln, due to the different historical background and environment, it is estimated that the difficulties are not small. For the time being, letí»s watch the official media reports on Trumpí»s future.