Raymond Jin Wei LI

Master of Economic Science & B.A.

(Both Degrees from East China Normal University in Shanghai China)

Senior Researchers of International Relationship & Immigration Act

Born:Feb.29,1956 Shanghai China 


Hobbies: Reading, study world peace, classical and modern music, world travel, swimming, finance and investment. Trivia bit: since 1997, has maintained a weekly non-stop swim 1500-2000 meters, proficient and good health.

Behave criteria: humble inalienable, unbending, wealth is not obscene. Life cease, career stop.Continue self-realization.

Basic Information
Language Skills
A、Standard Mandarin, Shanghai dialect
B、English, fluently in 4 parts of listening, speaking, writing, reading
C、Esperanto Basic

Computer Skills MS softwares,make webiste,Internet & E-Commerce development and application etc.

Professional Profile
In 2000, to be edited into 'Chinese Expert Huge Dictionary' Volume 10 by the Ministry of National Personnel People's Republic of China

Professional Membership
Shanghai Public Diplamacy Association since March 2019-
China International Public Relation Association 1997-2000

Other Membership
1、Chinese Universities Alumni Association of Vancouver Canada 2003-
2、President of Politics & History Association of East China Normal
University 1996-2001,founder of the association in 1996
3、U.S.A. National Geographic Society 1986-1990

Career Experiences
From September 21,2015- Founder and research fellow of JWC Peace Reserch Foundation at British Columbia Canada
March 2013 Volunteer of UN online or site
From October 2003-2017 Founder of JWC Consulting Inc.British Columbia Canada
July 1997-2006 Shanghai Jin Wei Commercial Affairs Developing Ltd. Shanghai China
Position: President
1988- Shanghai Institute for International Studies as one of the toppest of the World and China Think Tank and Shanghai International Consulting Co.,Ltd. (One Department of Shanghai Municipal Government), Shanghai China
Position: Vice General Manager, Senior Consultant and Research Fellow, investment analyst, Law executor , Foreign Affairs Secretary
1982-1987 Shanghai Garments Import and Export Company, Shanghai China
Position: Clerk, Documents Auditor
F.1973-1982 Shanghai No.1 Foodstuff Store, Shanghai China
Position: Salesman

Educational Background
1996 East China Normal University (One of Chinese famous key universities)
College of Postgraduation
Master Degree of Economical Science
Thesis title: How to Supervise & Manage the Chinese Stock Market
Awarded in June 1996
1989-1991 East China Normal University (One of Chinese famous key universities)
Faculty of Economics
Certificate of postgraduation major in international trade & economics
Direction of Research of International Trade
Class Monitor of 40 students
Awarded in June 1991
1984-1989 East China Normal University (One of Chinese famous key universities)
Faculty of History,Correspondence course
Diploma of graduation major in Politics, history, economics, law
Class Deputy Monitor of 100 students in big class
3 times of excellent student and student leaders
Bachelor of Arts Awarded in July 1989
1980-1982 Shanghai Foreign Language College
Department of English
Certificate Major in English



Short Outline of Some Research Achievements by Jin Wei

1.Self-Realization Chinese Words 850,000
By Self published in October 2018

2&3.(Practicing) Encyclopaedia on Foreign Affairs
Both books published by Shanghai Translation Publish House 1992 & 1999
Books Chinese Words 1,250,000 & 1,800,000
Chief Editors by Jinwei Li
(Collect both of above books in Shanghai Library)

4. Negotiation on Foreign Economic Trade
Published by Tong Ji University Press 1991
Book Chinese Words 200,000
(Collect this book in Shanghai Tongji University Publication Press)

5. China Joins into WTO and Economic Globalization
Offered to Municipal Government Oct.8,2001
Thesis Chinese Words 7,000

6. On Intellectual Economics and Public System
Offered to Municipal Government May, 2000
Thesis Chinese Words 54,000

7. The Development and Point of International New Securities Market in Asia
Published by International Review of SIIS Apr.1997
Thesis Extract Chinese Words 3,500

8. Along Walk to Multinational Enterprise Group
Offered to Oriental International Group Apr.24,1997
Report Chinese Words 5,000

9. Search the Theory of Supervising the Chinese Stock Market
Published by East China Normal University 1995
Thesis Chinese Words 40,000

10. Shanghai Stock Market and Her Future
Published by East China Normal University 1995
Thesis Chinese Words 40,000

11. Shop Assistants Should Learn A Little English
Published by Jie Fang Daily Newspaper Aug.29, 1980
Article Chinese Words 800
Maiden writing


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